Monday, February 28, 2011

12" of Snow–Winter Strom Warning

News Flash: Winter Storm Warning Update

Through the night the Leavenworth Upper Valley received over twelve inches of snow far exceeding the seven inches of snow forecasted for the nighttime accumulation. It looks as if winter is just getting started and there is little sign of the snow letting up.

Many people in the Leavenworth Upper Valley have said, since last spring we have been running about a month behind in our norm for weather. Add to that theory the snowfall over the last few days, especially with the winter storm that hit the Plain and Lake Wenatchee area.

“The snow we’ve received lately is more like the snow storms we normally get in January. And if that’s the case we could get a lot more snow throughout March”.

February snowfall in the Leavenworth Upper Valley is normally modest amounts but could add up to a few feet. Which means Plain and Lake Wenatchee area could still receive record snowfall for the month of March. Visitor and local residents should anticipate an extended winter and sudden snow storms.

To see the extended weather forecast click the link below:

7-Day Forecast for Latitude 47.76°N and Longitude 120.65°W (Elev. 1952 ft)

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