Saturday, April 19, 2008

Leavenworth Events - Traveling in April

Traveling To Leavenworth

It is mid-April and most of the snow has melted, the grass is green and the birds are singing; Leavenworth Events are gearing up for the spring season. However, this weekend the Weather Service has posted winter weather storm warnings and hazardous driving conditions.

If you are coming to Leavenworth this weekend, be prepared for drastic weather changes, sudden snow storms, cold temperatures and rain. Snow storms this time of year are unusual, although not rare. Driving any passes in the Cascade Mountains this weekend can be stressful.

Remember, drive as weather permits, it is better to get there late, than to have a car accident.

You maybe able to handle driving in the weather conditions, but can the other people on the road?

Drive safe, stay safe and have fun when you come to Eastern Washington this weekend.

LE Staff

Friday, April 11, 2008

Leavenworth Chamber and Events

New brochures at the Chamber

The Leavenworth Chamber has the new brochures for 2008-09 in stock. The brochures are full of great information. Not only do they list lodging, restaurants, shops but also the major events happening in Leavenworth. However, there is one thing the brochure does NOT mention.

If you are coming to Leavenworth or the surrounding area, book your accommodations early! Festival weekends fill up fast, sometimes a year in advance. If you are visiting Leavenworth, the outlying areas almost always book very early. If you are booking at a motel or hotel, ask if they over book; some hotels do this in case there are "no shows". Over booking is especially common during festival events.

If you are in need of a brochure, call the Leavenworth Chamber or go online and order one. The Chamber will send you the brochure free of charge. Having guests coming to the area, have them contact the Chamber.

One other part of the brochure you will find useful is the map. The map is easy to read and follow. The businesses listed in the brochure have their address which makes it easy to find them if you use the map.

Happy travels and hope to see you in Leavenworth or the Upper Valley.

LE Staff

Monday, April 07, 2008

News Flash: New Webpage

News Release from Featherwinds Lodging, LLC. Issued 04/07/08

Featherwinds has just updated their home page and have added a new webpage in hopes of making your visit to their website easier and more user friendly. We hope you like the new look and additional information.

Featherwinds Home Page

Featherwinds Lodging Page

LE Staff