Sunday, March 22, 2009

News Flash: Featherwinds Nursery Closed

News Release from Featherwinds Lodging, LLC. Issued 03/22/09

Unfortunately, Featherwinds will not be operating their nursery this year. Normally, in the past, Featherwinds has operated Mountain Bounty Nursery. This is a nursery the owners and staff of Featherwinds started several years ago. With the growing demand from local and visiting friends and guests, Featherwinds increased its growing operation by over 200% from each previous year. Unfortunately, we will not be operating our nursery this year; fortunately it is because of our commitments to weddings, events and retreats scheduled for this spring, summer and fall. These commitments have to take precedent over our growing operation. We will not be taking down our "green house", "holding area" or our "sales area". We have not decided if closing the Nursery will be for just this year or if is going to be a permanent closure.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for making our Nursery one of the biggest and most successful in the area.

LE Staff