Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leavenworth - Plain Help Needed

News Flash: The Pantry Food Bank Need Our Help

There is a "small" food bank in Plain that provides a very large service for many people. The food bank needs our help. Not just my help or your help; the food bank needs everyone's help. Please follow the link below to read a short but to the point article about The Pantry food bank.


This is very important, so please take a minute or two and read the article, then contact The Pantry or take a donation to one of the drop points listed in the article. Thank you for helping the community.

LE Staff

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Snow Storm Hits Upper Valley

It has been snowing in the Leavenworth Upper Valley, Plain, Lake Wenatchee area since ten this morning. As of nine thirty this evening, snowfall has measured thirteen inches and it’s still snowing.
Making the drive from Leavenworth after the Christmas Lighting Festival tree lighting is pretty good. The County has been plowing the roads to make driving easy. Remember it is winter conditions so driving accordingly and take your time.
For travelers coming to Leavenworth and the Upper Valley, be sure to bring driving directions and a map to get you to your destination. Navigation systems are not accurate maps for the area.
If spending the night, make accommodations before traveling to Leavenworth. Most lodging requires a two night minimum and reservations are normally made long in advance. Reserve you accommodations before traveling to Leavenworth or the Upper Valley.
LE Staff
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