Tuesday, April 21, 2009

News Flash: Featherwinds on Facebook

News Release from Featherwinds Lodging, LLC. Issued 04/21/09

Featherwinds has increased our presences on the internet. We have opened a Facebook account, featuring additional updates and pictures. We will be using Facebook as a "preview" to updates and upgrades to our website. While a new webpage is being created, we will post images for the new webpage on Facebook as a preview to what is coming.

Be sure to check our Facebook for updates. In the future, we will also be running dedicated lodging specials that will be only available on Facebook. You will have to copy the special from our Facebook into the comment section of our online reservation serve. The Facebook specials will also be announced on our blog and also twitter.

Remember to check Featherwinds Facebook, specials are coming soon.

LE Staff